BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

I'll be away for a bit ...

OK ... all the furniture is moved ... I still need to schlepp some boxes out of my office to make a navigatable pathway to the windows, but most of the heavy lifting is done. I still have hours of work ahead of me to get drop cloths taped over everything (we have a debate going as to if this is to keep stuff from blowing out the windows or to keep dust from the construction from getting all over), but aside from that I'm done. We're staying in a hotel the next two nights just to be out of here (with the cat) while they're creating havoc ... don't need to have either The Girls or the cat available while there are 8ft square holes in the place with a 500ft drop on the other side of them! Once I get caught up on my Friends List here I'm going to be shutting down the computer for the duration ... how I'll survive without it, I don't know ... but my "general plan" for tomorrow is to sleep as much as possible. See ya on the other side.

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