BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Ouch ...

Well, we're back in the apartment. I had been up pretty much all night on Tuesday night finishing up getting drop cloths taped over things here and digging out an "access path" into my office (while I could maneuver throgh the piles of stuff in here, there really was less than a foot of uncovered carpet going through here, so I had to drag a TON of stuff out). I got done with the last bit of that about 8am on Wednesday, and by that time the construction crews were already getting set up in the hallway. We'd gotten a room down at the Red Roof Inn (which was one of the few "pet friendly" options nearby) for Tuesday and Wednesday night ... although in retrospect we'd probably have done better to get a rental car and head out to some suburban hotel (the room was tiny, with barely space for two beds and the dresser with the TV on it, no chairs, no tables, I'm guessing it was 8x12" in the main part). It's good that we opted to do a second night there, however, as we finally got a thunderstorm coming through the city ... but, of course, right when they were working on our apartment (I'm glad I had everything wrapped under plastic, or I'm sure a lot of stuff would have blown out the windows!).

We got back in yesterday around noon, and have been trying to get everything pulled back together since. We'd be a bit further along, but they seem to have screwed up some of the electrical here (one of the breakers was tripped when we got in), and when I tried to plug back in the "wall-hugger" extension cords that go behind a bookshelf in Daughter #2's room the fit was loose and there were sparks and smoke and bright flashes ... not a good sign, to be sure. Hopefully we'll be able to get somebody up from the building today to work on that, so we can get the furniture back where it needs to be.

They're also still patching up bits of wall where they either had to re-cast the cement or stripped off plaster ... that process will, I guess, continue through Monday, meaning that (in the livingroom, at least) we've got a few more days to go without furniture. Bleh. At least we were able to dig out enough beds for us to sleep in last night.

On top of all this, y'all had like 250 posts on my Friends List when I got back to the keyboard ... I'm still not caught up!

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