BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Vacation ... all I ever wanted ...

Well, it's not really going to be a "vacation", not like going to Vegas for a week by myself or something, but it will at least be a change of scenery.

I got a call on the machine last week from an old college buddy who, with a few of his highschool pals, have been hosting this "Turkey Roast" party up in Door County, WI every year for like 30 years now. In the years right after college, I (and a bunch of other Lawrentians who at the time lived down here) made it up there almost every summer, but my attendance has been sporadic at best over the past decade. The last time I was up there, The Wife was pregnant with Daugther #2, so that has to be five years now (or maybe six).

I made the mistake of saying that I'd take The Girls up with me ... making the excursion MUCH less of a "vacation" than if I had gone by myself. Daughter #1 recalls a bit of it from last time, and at least one of the other kids there will be her age. I was "on the fence" about doing this until just this afternoon, dreading the prospect of having The Girls in a car for however many hours it takes to drive up there (Mapquest seems to think it's only 3.5 hours from Chicago to Green Bay ... my recall is that it runs closer to 7, but that might have more to do with road construction in summers past). I have The Girls' vows that they will sulk in silence instead of trying to kill each other in the back seat, and I have my fingers crossed about Mapquest being right on the drive time, and we'll take off right from their day camps at 3pm on Friday.

At least having them with me will keep me from being tempted to slide the car under a semi.

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