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More stuff ... aren't you thrilled?

Ah, so much shit to do, so little time to get it done. Still trying to "pull the trigger" on getting "the books" done for Eschaton 2000 ... it should be easy, since we hardly sold shit all year (thanks Access Publishers Network, ya motherfuckers!), but the EMOTIONAL content of getting into that stuff is just more than I can handle. Of course, I need to get THAT done before I can do our personal taxes, so that's fucked already. I guess by now our authors have learned to deal with the fact that they won't have an annual report in hand until way past the tax deadline ... of course, since they only get paid a percentage of what WE get paid ... and since WE got screwed for about 90% of our volume, the roylaty checks are probably going to be laughably small. Bleh. Sucks big time.

I do hope to have the 2U site finished up by the end of the month ... got the piece of missing info I needed (from Cryo, Lil, and Kryten in the #livejournal IRC channel) to make the calendar tables look OK in MSIE (hey, they looked fine in Netscape), and I hope to have those ready to roll by the time the sun comes up. Unfortunately, had some additional complications come up with the 2U office staff ... but those are "process" questions that we'll have to get ironed out eventually.

Trying to get a number of projects "knocked down" before I head up to Minneapolis on Friday ... I have a feeling that I'm going to be filled with Unicity Network verve upon my return and I'll be wanting to be spending some time on that.

Had a nasty scare today. We were getting ready to head out to the Dojo when I could NOT find my little notebook. This is the little 2.625x4.25" booklet that I put together that has been the repository of my poems (and notes, and my bus card, etc.) of late. There is ONE place where I put it when disrobing (it's usually kept in my shirt pocket), and it was NOT there when I went to head out the door ... it turns out that Daughter #1 has suddenly become a "pack rat", as she "found it" somewhere in her room ... along with some of her mother's lipstick and about five pairs of her glasses, and the alarm clock, and who knows what else. Grrrrrrrrrr. Makes me nuts!

Anyway, here's what bubbled up from the festering miasma of self-loathng today:

                    NO REAL RENEWAL

                    a darker current
                    a deeper mist
                    all vectors melt
                    into this grey
                    we can't continue
                    with each intent
                    we can't make will
                    evolve towards day

                    time is swallowed
                    into this void
                    all plans that enter
                    into this zone
                    are twisted round
                    into vain cycles
                    which don't achieve
                    and can't attain

                    bits and pieces
                    filter through
                    placed on racks
                    to show the cause
                    what remains
                    is only chaos
                    madness brewed
                    into a world

                    all our histories
                    are drained away
                    we are empty
                    bled of pasts
                    but without promise
                    somehow not new
                    old yet vacant
                    in tenement decay

                    map the area
                    in which we lie
                    chart the blocks
                    of wasted shells
                    mark the whole
                    for demolition
                    of this pointless life

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2001 by Brendan Tripp

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