BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Oooh ... some surprise eBay goodness!

So, you may have noticed a certain lack of eBay posts in here of late ... frankly, I've pretty much hit a brick wall as far as great deals on Pokemon cards are concerned ... I guess that last boost in listing fees is finally catching up and fewer folks are going with one cent opening bids. Alas, alack, and all that.

Well, I was in a music shopping mode the other day and was wanting to find more stuff by the U.S. band "The Wake" (not to be confused with the U.K. band of the same name), which hailed from Columbus, OH and sounded for all the world like a slightly more energetic Sisters of Mercy. I stumbled onto one of their albums, Masked a while back, and have been looking for others since. I did find one other on Amazon via the new/used links (which should be here any day now), and decided to put "The Wake" into eBay's search thing. This resulted in a LOT of "false positives" (between the U.K. band and various other things with "The Wake" in their titles), but it also turned up a re-mix EP from this one seller.

Now, this is a MEGA seller on eBay ... I was amazed at their volume ... they had nearly 20,000 feedback points in the past month and had a quarter million over-all (more than three times that in their raw score). I, frankly, don't know how they can keep up ... they have nearly 1,000 auctions closing in the next 24 hours (and well over 4,000 over the next five days) ... all of which are starting at a penny!

Anyway, I got out-bid on that "The Wake" EP (I already knew what I could get it for from eBay's new/used service, so had parameters in place!), but I got six CDs of various genres for 31¢, 76¢, 1¢, 32¢, 20¢, and 60¢! While they have a fairly stiff initial shipping charge, it's only a buck extra for each additional (at Media Mail rate), so the total shipping comes out to about $1.41 each, with the total for all six coming to $10.65 or about $1.78 per CD!

So, I figured I'd pass along the link (yeah, I know ... just making more competition for myself!), they're JayAndMarie, and seem to specialize in CDs and DVDs, all of which (as far as I can tell) start off at 1¢ ... such a deal!

P.S.: Just in case anybody cares (as if!), here's what I got:
                    Spahn Ranch 'Beat Noir'
                    Die Krupps'Metamorphosis'
                    Kill Switch...Klick 'Degenerate'
                    Voodoo Queens 'Chocolate Revenge'
                    Maria Rivas 'Cafe Negrito'
                    Pere Ubu 'Beach Boys See Dee Plus'

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