BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

big change ...

OK ... so today I'm trying out my new glasses! So far they're great for distance (we just tweaked that a bit) and I can read stuff just fine, but the middle-distance (i.e. reading the monitor) is still a bit "iffy" at the distances that I'm used to working. Right now I can either lean my head back and read it with the "reading" part of the lens, or lean back until I'm more than 2' back from the screen, where the "distance" works, or (of course) default to taking off the glasses and leaning in to within 12" of the monitor! I guess my eyes are going to have to negotiate the "mid-range" as the lower part of the lenses work out to about 30" and the upper part of the lenses kick in just about there as well. I'm also having to get used to having the lenses right up at the bridge of my nose ... I got very used to "telescoping" them down my nose, which is now counter-productive.

Fortunately, I just figured out how to change the way that the L.J. Semagic client displays the inputted text ... who was the whippersnapper joker who made that default to 8pt??? I just bumped it up to 12pt (and switched from Tahoma to Arial), so maybe you'll be seeing fewer typos now that I can see what I'm typing.

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