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OK ... of all the blithering that I do in this journal, one of the few things which is an L.J. cliche that I have not done (or have done so rarely that I can't recall an instance of it) is talk about my dreams. Part of this is due to my traditionally spotty sleep schedule (leading to not having/remembering dreams), but part of it is just because.

However, I had a very weird dream last night that had me checking out Fox News this morning to make sure that something terrible hadn't happened over-night. In the dream I was part of an elite bomber strike force that went out over-night to NUKE five or six major "enemy targets". Now, in my dream, these were major military bases and were spread out all over the globe (not Mecca or Medina, for instance), but the mission was plainly a retalitory strike ... for something.

Of the dreams that I do have much remembrance of, it is very rare to have me be in a "role" like this, as I will typically be "me" in some permutation of my usual life with just stuff going weird within those contexts. So having me being a black-ops fighter pilot from an "elite strike force" (we all made it back safely but then the dream degraded into an endless wait to be de-briefed on the mission) was unusual.

I've read stuff from folks on my F.L. dealing with dreams of "nuclear happenings" recently, so I figured I'd share this, as it did stand out.

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