BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Woot ....

OK ... so a couple of weeks ago I wrote about finding this eBay store with "one cent" deals on music and videos, right? Well, over the past 3 days I've scored 10 new CDs for a penny a piece! With shipping they'll come to under $13.00 (or less than one CD in the store)! I'm a happy camper to be getting new music.

Now, I have obviously been looking for stuff that had no bids on it (and is thereby not likely to be top-of-mind stuff), but by using Amazon's preview thing, I've been able to sort through to find stuff that I'm pretty sure I'm going to like. I ended up with one Goth compilation, six "rock" albums (from metal to ethereal), and three "world" albums. It's great to be able to listen through these (well, at about 30sec/song) on Amazon before putting in a bid, though, as there were some things that looked promising but sounded like crap, and a couple that I was "iffy" on, but they sounded like I'd enjoy having them.

This eBay store is amazing, they have pretty near 1,000 items closing every day, and they start all their auctions at a penny (although it looks like the "average" end bid is around two or three bucks). I'm amazed that they can keep their act together with that sort of volume (even though they did send a wrong CD out of the six I previous ordered) ... they do use a lot of automation, I found, as immediately following my leaving positive feedback I got an assortment of positives in return! Anyway, if you want to check them out they're here:

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