BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Went out yesterday ...

I don't suppose that leaving the house should be something to comment on, but there have been stretches lately where I've not exited the apartment for days on end, so running around this weekend seemed monumental.

We actually have been going since Friday ... The Wife rented a car, let Daughter #2 skip "school" (#1 is post-camp and home at this point), and we drove out to Lombard to let them loose at the Enchanted Castle (which is sort of like a Chuck E. Cheese writ large) ... we had intended to drive up to Dojo from there, but didn't get back on the road soon enough and got caught in traffic. Anyway, The Girls and I made it up to Dojo on Saturday, so we made it up (and I'm hoping we'll get there this evening).

Yesterday we opted to go up to the Nature Museum, spent a couple of hours there and then walked north through the park (got this shot at the upper end of the North Pond), fed The Girls some Happy Meals, and continued over to the Home Depot on Halsted to look at ways of spending way too much money.

As those paying attention will no doubt recall, we've had a mass of chaos apartment-wise here, and are looking at doing some MAJOR upgrades as we get things back in place. Our first (and most "justifiable" expense) is replacing the shades. As part of getting the place ready for the window replacement project, we had to take down all the shades/blinds that had been up. When we moved in here 14 years ago there were brushed aluminum vertical blinds, which we never particularly liked (they did have a sort of sci-fi freakiness to them, as when they were pulled and "closed" it looked like a solid metal wall where the windows had been!), and had gotten pretty battered over the years, so those got tossed out when we took them down. We found some shades at Home Depot that were fairly reasonable that will work in here, and will probably be ordering them in the next week or two.

The Wife, however, has all sorts of plans (many of which will simply not work), and one of the things that she's wanting to do is to replace the flooring (currently a strange mixture of carpeting, yogurt, play-doh, etc.) in the living/dining rooms with laminate planking. The good thing about this stuff is that it looks remarkably easy (for me) to install, and can go down on top of the linoleum which under-lays the carpeting. The bad part of it is that the laminate planking costs about twice as much per square foot as, say, parquet. Now, I installed a lot of parquet when we did the conversion here, and had pulled up all the linoleum to be able to adhere the wood tiles to the underlying concrete, so I have a pretty good fix about what that would entail work-wise, so I guess it's pretty much a "push" between price and ease of installation. We'll see how these negotiations go.

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