BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Oh, and ... my trip to Minneapolis

Well, one "useful thing" came out of all our running around yesterday ... I was able to pick up info at O'Hare that put my mind at rest about my early-morning flights in and out of Midway on my way up to Minneapolis for the Unicity Network Regional Launch Conference. See, the Orange Line doesn't run all night (like the Red Line and the O'Hare part of the Blue Line), and I've been "stuck" down at Midway before on red-eye flights. I'm going out at 7:30a and getting back early as well, so I was worried. Turns out the only morning that's a problem is on Sunday, when the trains don't start till 7am ... but I'll be getting in about 8:30, so I'll be fine.

Here, for you viewing enjoyment is a map of our fine subway system:

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