BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,


I just got the 10 CDs that I was waiting for! I probably mentioned these a couple of weeks ago (I won them on eBay over a 3 day span), but now 13 days later (I opted for Media Mail) they're here ... I just love getting new music. Plus, they cost me only 1¢ each ... well, the whole order came to $12.55, so with shipping I still only paid a buck and a quarter each. Not bad getting 10 albums for less than one would have cost in the store!

Now, I'll admit that I had never even heard of any of these before I saw them on ... however, using Amazon's "music sampler" I was able to filter through the stuff that looked interesting but sounded like crap to find the stuff that I liked but had just never encountered previously.

Back in college (and for many years after), I would buy 2 new albums per week, but over the past dozen years of entrepreneureal poverty (my last "real pay check" was in January of 1994!) I could only infrequently justify getting new music, so it makes me very excited to be able to grab a block of new stuff like this (even though, admittedly, I was looking for 1¢ deals, so it's pretty much all stuff this time that nobody had ever heard of!).

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