BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

WOW ...

Speaking of eBay people who "hadn't done their homework"! I just got two amazing bargains this morning ... I'm so glad I "popped in" to see what was showing up on my Pokemon search.

This particular seller had a number of sets from the "Neo" series, I missed out on the first one (these were all closing within minutes of when I pulled up eBay), but there was one from Neo Revelations (53 cards w/ 8 holos) and one from Neo Destiny (85 cards w/ 5 holos). I won the former for $0.99 and the latter for $2.35 ... and shipping on both should come to $7.50, making the final total $10.84.

Why does this deserve a "WOW", you ask? Well, on my low "reference site" the cards included in these auctions would retail at $189.35, and if ordered from the "what the market will bear" high reference site these cards would cost one $458.79 (and those figures are without shipping)!

I just love it when I stumble over a DEAL like that!

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