BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Road trip ...

My father-in-law recently re-located from Florida to Arizona (he'd seen one too many hurricanes for his taste!), and made quite a killing on the real estate end of that deal, allowing him to not only end up with a nice new place in the Phoenix suburbs, but also get a big honking RV to escape the hot months down there. He and his new wife are meandering around the country and have recently been in Illinois.

Now, obviousy, downtown Chicago is not the ideal location for a visit in an RV, so The Wife has been negotiating with him possible locations where he can take the beastie (which needs a particular type of electric hook-up not found in every RV park) and where we might reasonably take The Girls without them going out of their little minds with boredom. Eventually Starved Rock State Park was decided on, having all sorts of outdoor activities, a nearby RV park with the right sort of hook-ups, and a old 1930's CCC Lodge on property for us. It was also only a short drive from where they've been for the past couple weeks (down by Peoria) and only a couple of hours' drive for us.

I know that a Sunday to Wednesday trip seems odd, but, hey ... until the schools start up, we're sort of spinning our wheels here, so we figured that the world wouldn't come crashing down if we missed half a week at the end of August. Anyway ... if I seem particularly silent over the next few days it's because I'm AFK and off in the woods!

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