BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

yawwwn ...

Yep ... as predicted I fell asleep at the keyboard, so I still have over 400 things to plow through on my Friends List.

However, I did recall a funny story from the trip ...

Now, Chicago has had the nation's highest gas prices for a while, so we'd been hovering around three bucks a gallon for regular for weeks, so it was a pleasant surprise to find regular at like $2.65 (or thereabouts) when we first got to Utica. Of course, the hurricane hit the gulf in the meanwhile, and within a day or so the price was up to $2.79 ... on our way out yesterday, though, we saw various gas stations in the middle of changing the prices again, up to $2.99 ... we were stopping in another town and when we pulled off the expressway, the first gas station still had $2.79 up, so we pulled in there ... the place across the street had already bumped theirs up, and this place's sister station a mile or so down the road had bumped theirs, but I guess we got the last of the "cheap" gas, as about a half hour later, when we were heading back to the expressway, they had somebody out there changing the prices.

OK, so not a "yuk-yuk" kind of funny story, but we found it amusing at the time. I'm off to take the car back to the rental place this morning so the gas level came to mind.

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