BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

New Orleans ...

I've not been as "on top of" this thing as it's played out as I typically am (working from home and being a FoxNews junkie) due to our being out of town for the first few days of the disaster; however, I've been amazed at the rapid degeneration of the remaining N.O. populace (who were told quite plainly to "get out of Dodge" before the storm), and the nauseating convolutions of the Left to try to blame this mess on Bush.

Now, being an "urban" kind of guy, this has been hitting a lot of "touchy areas" in my psyche (and generating quite a lot of rather "non-PC" reactions in me), so I've opted to not post a lot of my own takes on what's happening there, as to not unduly "create drama" in here with my "more delicate" readers.

However, I would HIGHLY recommend checking out THIS POST by stonemirror which takes a very level-headed look at what is and is not possible to plan for in a disaster situation, and what realistically would have been required to mitigate the effects of a category 5 storm hitting New Orleans (a very interesting piece on what this would entail had been pointed out a few days ago by littlejohnnyp, and is likewise well worth a read).

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