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So much insanity ...

OK ... I don't want to piss anybody off (and I see that there is a semi-organized movement among Left-leaning LJ'rs to cull any non-Leftists from their Friends List, which has, regrettably, kept me from venting the way I'd like to be venting at the moment) ... but it amazes me how little FACTS matter to those on the Left!

Just today I saw 3 or 4 rants by Leftist types on my Friends Lists going on about stuff that is 100% bullshit, things that came up at one point as a "whoa, what's happening here?" story that was found in short order to be an easily explained side-effect of other factors (varying, of course, depending on the particular item), and for most folks, filed away as a regrettable, yet understandable, element of an on-going situation. However, for the Left, it seems like once the "whoa, what's happening here?" threshold hits, it's proven to be some sort of conspiracy, some sort of huge nefarious plot, and all that needs to be done is fill in whatever "details" could be spun out of their fevered imaginations!

One friend of mine categorizes this tendency for Leftists (and others in differing cases) to be "adrenaline junkies" ... they have a need to get massively worked up over something to have the bio-chemical rush of the fight-or-flight juice running around in their systems. Now, some "adrenaline junkies" do insane crap like jumping off of cliffs and other "X-sport" type things, but the on-line version of this sort don't want to get all sweaty (or injured), so have to get their "fix" by different means. In comes "moral outrage".

Now, to be "fair and balanced", I believe that this is exactly the sort of dynamic that drives most "Dominionists" and hard-core Xtian fundamenalists ... they have their version of "moral outrage" which gives them a very similar rush (picture the Fundy chat-room troll who's jerking off saying "you're going to hell .... you're going to Hell ... you're going to HELL ... oh, god, oh God, oh GOD!"). However, the Fundies at least have a "logically consistent" (uh, within their twisted "reality tunnel") trigger for their "moral outrage" (i.e. being horrified that there are people who do not believe exactly the same fairytales that they base their world-view on), while the Left seems to be looking for "any port in a storm" outrage-wise.

Of course, the BIG bugaboo for the Left has become G.W.B. ... as they have convinced themselves (despite study after study showing that the Democrats were grossly more involved in vote fraud than the Republicans) that he "stole" the election against Gore and that he somehow then "stole" the election against Kerry. Every "bad thing" that has happened since Bush has been in office has given the Left a chance to package up their sore-loser anger and go looking for some "adrenaline rush" ... and every twisted story, outright lie, or planned political attack (did you know that the Democratic Underground site had plans posted for ways to blame Bush about the aftermath of the hurricane days before it hit landfall?) gives them the trigger to launch into "moral outrage" about how Bush committed some heinously callous act, and provides them with that "rage rush" that leaves them in some post-coital-like exhaustion state of "I'm so angry that I can't even think!".

Of course, if they were thinking they wouldn't have the ability to twist themselves into their rushes, would they?

Oh, and some interesting links (snagged from knight_monk's journal): one, two, three.

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