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And now for something completely different ...

I finished up another book over the weekend ... this one was given to me for Father's Day and was sufficiently large (I think it's 10x10") that it kept "getting in the way", so I sort of pushed through reading it to get it out of the bathroom and onto a bookshelf! It's Weird Illinois by the guys who have that new "Weird USA" show on Discovery or TLC. While it was generally an amusing read, it was heavy on "standard knowledge" ghost stories from the Chicago area, and skipped over whole categories of "weirdness" (like the "Egyptian" stuff supposedly discovered downstate or the purported Phoenician artifacts found at the mouth of the Chicago river). There were some "gee, I might want to go check that out" items in there too ... so it's not like it was pointless or anything. I guess there's a whole series of these books coming out now for quite a number of states, if you're interested.

While I'm in "review mode" I might as well touch on Valiant ... which we went to see yesterday. OK ... it's animation ... it's for the kids ... it was sort of interesting. The central idea is that this little, yet brave, pigeon named Valiant wants to join the WW2 war efforts in the Homing Pigeon corps. Due to "heavy losses" he is taken on, and his mis-fit group ends up being pressed into the "most important mission". Being a Disney film, there are a lot of "names" involved as voice talents, including Ewan McGregor, Tim Curry, John Hurt, and John Cleese ... only the latter being "recognizable" to my unexpecting ear. Just over an hour long, it doesn't drag, but the only bone it throws to the adults in the audience is a parade of WW2 movie character cliches and a few bad puns ... however, there isn't much "tension" unless you're under 6 years old or have a phobia of being chased by falcons!

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