BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Hadn't mentioned eBay in a while ...

I just "stumbled over" another great deal on some Pokemon cards ... although Daughter #1 does not have a particular interest in collecting the "foreign" versions of the Pokemon cards, over the years we've built up a binder full of random Japanese, French, Spanish, and German cards that came in with "pig in a poke" lots that I'd picked up on eBay. Well, I was doing one of those "let's see what might be out there tonight" look-throughs on my main Pokemon eBay search and ran into an auction where they were only asking $2.50 (with $2.50 for shipping) for three of the Japanese "Southern Island" gift packs (Tropical Sea, Beach, and Jungle). Now, Daughter #1 already has a complete set of the English versions of the whole "Island" promo set, but this was (from a collecting standpoint) too good a deal to pass up. Whereas the English version came in one binder with all 18 cards, the Japanese version was in 6 gift packs, three "Tropical" and three "Rainbow", each with 3 cards (including one holographic) that formed part of a scene, with a postcard with the full picture.

I poked around a bit before I pulled the trigger on this (it was even a "buy it now" at that price!), and found that these sets were individually going anywhere from $10 each to over $30 each, so a "delivered cost" of $5.00 was a steal! Even (which frequently has much lower than available retail pricing in their guide to card values), had the individual cards from these sets valued where the sets would be worth from $13 to $19 each (total via pojo for just the cards themselves: $46.00) ... so I'm pretty happy to pick up this for five bucks.

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