BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

"Woot" or "Whoops"?

Well, I just got my one thousandth positive feedback on eBay ... not that my "star rating" is anywhere near that (I'm currently at (243Feedback score is 100 to 499), so have about a 4 positives for every "unique" feedback).

While I'm very pleased with myself in not getting any negatives, I'm amazed that I've bought 1,000 things over there. Now, most of them have been very inexpensive (often, as regular readers no doubt recall, 1¢ plus some pro-rated shipping for as many as 80 things at once), but that's still a hell of a lot of purchases over the past four years!

Too bad the "raw score" doesn't count (it's just the "uniques" that get counted), or I'd be up at a whole new "star level" at this point. One of the things I'd been waiting on before starting to sell stuff on eBay is to get a big positive score logged in before "risking" getting hit with the seemingly inevitable "bad mood" negatives that some buyers post (not that I'm planning on being a "bad seller", but in reading various sellers' feedback, it seems that a lot of negatives come from people who didn't read the details of the auction, or expected to get their stuff immediately, or were suffering from "buyers remorse", etc.).

Oh, well ... another post that nobody cares about ... I just felt that hitting 1,000 positives was the sort of milestone that should at least be noted!

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