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A big TV post ...

OK ... so I'm not a big TV fan-type, although I do watch enough of it (even though the vast majority is FoxNews in 5-15 minute bits). I've had a few TV-oriented observations floating around my head of late, and figured I'd just dump them all into one post.

1) Reality TV ... I typically have had NO use for it, but I've discovered that I do actually like the shows based on creative talent and get hooked in on those ... first The Runway, then Rockstar INXS. As far as the latter, I don't get how they could have chosen J.D. over Marty, as I thought Marty had much more "presence" and a stronger voice. J.D. made me think of one of my nephews pretending to be a rock star, Marty came across AS a rock star. Go figure. Maybe I'm just doing that "Chicago home team" thing. Maybe INXS felt more comfortable with a Canadian.

2) I love the SciFi channel, I love their new shows, but this "who can we recycle now?" casting approach has almost become a joke! I'd seen the promos for the next episode of Battlestar Galactica (where they find the Pegasus), and the gal who's playing the Lloyd Bridges role (from the original series) looked very familiar ... well, after a bit of poking around I found that it's Michelle Forbes, another sci-fi TV show retread ... having played Ensign Ro Laren in StarTrek TNG (as well as the recurring M.E. role in Homicide). This may be the first Star Trek cast person pulled in during this recent explosion of familiar faces, but we've seen the X-Files well represented (with Mitch Pileggi, "Skinner" as the commander of the new super ship that Earth has sent to help out on Stargate Atlantis, and William B. Davis "Cigarette Smoking Man" on Stargate SG1 as one of the Priors), we have the Andromeda series represented by Lexa Doig, who was the holographic face of the Andromeda, and is now the new Doctor on Stargate SG1, and, of course, SciFi decided that if they couldn't keep Farscape going, they'd just bring Ben Bowder and Claudia Black over to grab audience attention while folks got used to a big cast change-over. Mind you, I don't begrudge these folks getting work, but it's become almost a farce when every other guest star is brought on board for their familiarity!

3) The "hot new shows" ... I guess I don't "get them". The Chicago Tribune was wetting their pants over Threshold, so I watched it ... and frankly, found it only so-so. Obviously these people are living in an alternate reality where nobody has ever seen a crop circle, or maybe somebody would have mentioned that the "electronic interference patterns" that keep showing up look just like some crop circles. I also watched Surface and, again, really couldn't tell where they were taking it ... I'd seen the promos and I still have no idea of WHY the main characters "have the fate of the world in their hands", what's worse (from the network's standpoint) is that I don't really care. Both of these have that "X-Files-vibe" so I guess that's what they're shooting for, but I, personally, have little patience with watching characters be totally freaked out be "things being off kilter" just becuase the writers won't "cut to the chase" as far as the weirder plot points are concerned.

4) Some networks have their heads screwed on straight. I really appreciate it when one channel "takes a breather" while another has a big show on. Spike-TV very sensibly slips in an "amazing video" show in the middle of a CSI block at just the time slot that CBS is showing Numbers ... nice way to hand off the audience! Similarly, I really appreciate SciFi re-running their three big shows on Friday night all over again in the midnight to 3am slot, a lot of the time I can't be in front of the TV for the first go, and it's nice to have a second shot at the shows (even if I do nod off to them more often than not) later.

Well, there ya go. Now I can get back to doing something useful with my brain.

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