BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Here's another ...

I really wish I had the strength to do some good old propogandizing here ... after all, the trip was all about the Unicity Network and all. But I'm tired, and barely able to transcribe these poems (let alone the 15 pages of notes I need to get typed up and mailed out to my downline!). Anyway ... #2 from the trip:

                    IN KNOWING NOTHING KNOWN

                    only substance
                    from a matrix
                    of simple knowns
                    comes new life
                    in old frames
                    new hope
                    in fresh context

                    uneasy days
                    held bound
                    in focus on mundane
                    then released
                    into other lands
                    stranger zones
                    bizarre places
                    heard not seen

                    other cycles
                    from the past
                    echo here
                    other options
                    never made
                    swim to mind
                    as possibilities
                    still undone

                    too many times
                    brought to this abyss
                    to stare away
                    into its depths
                    too many times
                    brought to believing
                    without reality
                    completing this

                    no way to judge
                    no way to measure
                    what has become
                    over these days
                    we track the time
                    and freeze the language
                    hoping that their forms
                    generate new acts

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2001 by Brendan Tripp

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