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Well, I finally got a Google AdWords account set up for the tutoring biz today ... Corporate had been doing this until a month or so back, and then dumped it on us to do individually. Since our geographical territory is so small, I did a very limited area (well, it's a six-mile radius, but about half of the circle is in Lake Michigan), which will hopefully mean that what traffic we do get will at least be "ours".

The problem that I'm currently dealing with is that I think that we're losing all AOL traffic due to the IPs for AOL users all showing up as being in Virginia. Even if I search on one of our very specific keywords when on AOL, the ads don't show up. I wonder if there is anyway to get around this ... as I'd hate to be losing that large audience just because the IP doesn't show their real location. I wonder if any of the other "big ISPs" (Earthlink, PeoplePC, NetZero, etc.) have this same problem.

Anybody have any experience with getting Google AdWords set up like this?

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