BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

What a difference a "-" makes!

One of the irritating things I ran across in trying to set up that Google AdWords account was that you really need to use Latitude/Longitude numbers to set up a geographic area (yeah, they say you can use an address, but it wouldn't recognize any that I plugged in). They provide links off to a couple of UK mapping sites that will give your lat/lon specifics for map coordinates (why they don't just add this to Google Maps, I don't know), but no explanation on how to use those. In fact, the raw numbers I got were wrong, somehow dropping off a "-" before the longitude figures.

Well, I went ahead and set up my geographic parameters and then started looking at keywords and traffic estimates ... all of which were running "< 0.1" per day. While this made for a very cheap ad campaign, something told me that there was probably some problem. I ended up in a chat session with a tech who suggested (again, why don't they have this in Google Maps?) the Lat/Lon version of Mapquest. When I plugged in the numbers (and zoomed out on the map), it became pretty clear why the projected traffic was so small ...

Now, I don't doubt that there are some Internet users in Xinjiang Province in north-west China, but that really wasn't the customer base that we were shooting for! So, I went back and (on a guess, the "-" appeared on the decimal version of the Longitude) plugged in the minus, and got this ...

Needless to say, the keyword traffic estimates for a six-mile circle centered on the intersection of Clark St. and North Ave. were considerably higher than those out by Ürümqi!

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