BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

And yet another ...

Yessiree ... poetry ... does a body good ... makes the mind insane ... yadda yadd yadda. Gee, I wish we had the NASA channel here ... they had it in the hotel ... it was sort of like "webcams in space" ... hours of nothing happening, illustrated with graphs, and explained with narration ... oooh, big fun. Anyway ... here's #3 from the trip:

                    IN FINDING WHAT CAN HAVE

                    wrapped in early
                    and grey and dawn
                    in process
                    in transit
                    in midst of plan
                    seeking a synching
                    with preferred things
                    amid our descent

                    too many acts
                    demanded of self
                    we fill calendars
                    with too many marks
                    we leave nothing human
                    no room to be weak
                    driving on forward
                    with minimal sleep

                    if we attain
                    what would we be?
                    if we achieve
                    what would we have?
                    dreams run in cycles
                    with nightmarish times
                    seeking and fleeing
                    in equal amounts

                    walking the knife edge
                    dividing the depths
                    we ache to find home
                    like Oz in the mists
                    we seek to steer life
                    without rudder or wheel
                    fighting the current
                    of destruction and pain

                    how can we find
                    72 hours in day?
                    10 days to the week,
                    300 years in a life?
                    how can we do
                    all what must be done
                    to reach all these goals
                    and escape our sure doom?

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2001 by Brendan Tripp

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