BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Fucking Hell ...

DAMN! My plans for tomorrow have come unglued.

I had originally been scheduled to endure "Disney On Ice" tomorrow, but at some point in the past week The Wife decided that taking one of Daughter #1's friends would be more productive, thus getting me "off the hook".

Now, I had been wanting to go see The Aristocrats for weeks, but hadn't been able to find any time slot when it was playing that I could free up enough of a day to go see it, and had been counting on catching it tomorrow whilst everybody else was off at the United Center.

Unfortunately, they decided to rotate it out of the regular theaters this weekend, and it seems to only be playing in a small "art house" that's to-hell-and-gone away from here. This really pisses me off, as it had been playing a block away for most of its run, but the timing was always bad and I could never get over there.

Damn. This is why I almost never see movies. I don't understand how anybody can block that much time out of their day for entertainment ... I mean, I might be able to free up three hours out of a 24-hour day, but not contiguous hours. It drives me nuts that the first time that I've had that I could have blocked the time to go is now too late to go see the fucking movie.

I want to go break and/or kill stuff now. Grrrrrrr ....

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