BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Never enough pics of the Cloud Gate, eh?

A couple of days ago The Wife and I "played hooky" from our Tutoring biz efforts to go hang out with some of her old highschool friends who were in town for a few days. They had wanted to go to the Art Institute and see Millennium Park, and stuff like that, so we tagged along.

Now, I took a pic of myself reflected in the "Cloud Gate" sculpture around my birthday last year (OK, so Mr. Obsessive Compulsive looked it up ... it's here if you care) and foisted it upon y'all, so I figured I'd do another. After all, you can't have too many pictures of the Cloud Gate (soon to be one of the most photographed, and thereby cliché, things on the planet)!

It took us quite a while to coordinate three couples from three places all getting together, but we eventualy were all accounted for down in the Hancock plaza (is that touristy enough for ya?). The ladies opted to walk down to Millennium Park (about 16 blocks by my guesstimate), but we guys, being old and fat and out of shape and none-too-pleased with the near-90° temperatures, figured a cab was called for after we'd dealt with all their luggage. Since the gals had a head start, we all ended up getting there within 15 minutes of each other. Both of the other couples are into restoration and architecture, so they had read about some of the new stuff, but I don't think had actualy been here to see it (many "snippy" comments were made regarding Frank Gehry). We ended up making a brief visit to the Art Institute and then had lunch back in the outdoor cafe where the skating rink is during the winter. They all took off right after that and we headed home.

Yeah, I'm getting bored telling you about it too.

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