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I finally got ThunderBird to at least read my POP3 e-mail ... I have been trying for months to coax that into compliance, and either I "fixed it" (by re-setting my PW to what I had in my notes) or by tweaking what was set as my ID, but at least I can now get my LJ comments "live" ... not that I get much comment traffic on these posts, but it was a pain in the ass to have to go try to dig up other people's posts on which I'd commented to see if I'd gotten any comments on my comments ... rather than having to fire up my old computer every few days, connect via dial-up, and let it take forever to d/l my mail. It appears that I still can't send any mail (all of my attempts to send have bounced back), but I'm guessing that I may need to adjust a port setting or something for that.

I'm going to need to figure out how to best use the spam filtering that my ISP offers ... AOL does such a good job of filtering out spam that I only get, oh, maybe 5% in my in-box ... compare this to my mailbox (which does act as a catch-all for many of my other domains' mail), which typically runs 95% spam!

I really need to get to bed ... I have to be up on the north side at 9am to set up for an event we're exhibiting at. Typically, The Wife would go do this sort of thing, but she's tied up with The Girls this morning, so it's falling to me. Pretty much this should me sitting at a table handing out info for 4 hours, hopefully I won't have to eviscerate anybody.

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