BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

TMI ...

So, last night, right after posting in here, I got dragged away from the computer for dinner ... and was convinced by Daughter #2 to have my dinner back in the bedroom, where I, of course, nodded off after eating. Due to my "snoring like a 747 on take-off", I am typically exiled from my king-sized platform bed with the very firm mattress, and end up sleeping most nights either slumped in the chair at my desk, or in the "reading chair" in the living room, or (if I actually go to bed rather than pass out), in one of The Girls' beds (since they prefer to sleep with their Mom in the back).

Well, on those rare occasions when I actually get to sleep in my bed, I sleep deep and long and typically restfully, with the benefit of actually being prone (as opposed to "slumped in a chair"), and various bodily systems, typically stymied by my spotty sleep in non-prone postures, really kick in. Most noticeably, my feet and ankles, which are typically fairly swollen, end up looking like popped balloons, the liquid build-up having had a chance to drain out. Also, nagging muscle pains tend to go away, again, no doubt due to the inefficiencies of trying to drain off lactic/uric acids from over-worked muscles when simply passed out somewhere.

Now, all this would be lovely if it wasn't for the fact that after getting a long (I was probably out for 10 hours, easily twice my typical sleep), deep, prone sleep I wake up feeling like somebody had beaten my kidneys with a baseball bat over night. This will typically go away after an hour or so of morning activity, but it's never a "pleasant morning" after that sort of sleep. Needless to say, the kidneys get the brunt of all that "draining", with days and/or weeks of acids, etc., getting flushed out overnight, so it's no surprise that they'd feel like crap in the morning, but it's a pretty nasty "trick" to know that a "good restful sleep" is going to rather predictably end that way.

I suppose that if I ever managed to get into the habit of getting 8 straight hours of lay-down sleep a night over extended periods of time, this would eventually not be a problem, although the last time I had multiple nights of long prone sleep (when we were out at Starved Rock State Park a month or so back, where there was "nothing to do" at night but sleep), it was the same deal every morning. It does, however, seem to be somewhat counter-intuitive that I feel better on mornings when I've slept at my desk from 2-6am than when I've gotten 10 hours of bed time!

Hey, I told you this one was gonna be "TMI"!

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