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Gee, and I thought I was going the extra "Daddy" mile yesterday taking Daughter #2 to Chuck E. Cheese ... but I found myself missing the football game today to accompany the family down to the "Chicagoween" thing at Daley Plaza.

Daley Plaza is, of course, the home of "The Picasso" ... but this time of year it shares the plaza with a "haunted village" which plays host to the Midnight Circus, a talented bunch of young perfomers who do macabre-themed entertainments for the crowds every few hours.

The Girls, like most of the kids there, really like using the base of the Picasso sculpture as a slide, but this time they came on wheels (#1 with her pop-out shoe skates, #2 with her mini scooter), so there was a lot of wheeling around the plaza. It was, however, freezing, not in the sense of being sub-32° but in the sense of "why the fuck didn't I bring a coat?", so our time outdoors was limited. In fact, The Wife snuck off to do some shopping, leaving us out there for a considerably longer time than was comfortable ... she eventually surfaced, and we ducked over to Marshall Fields (soon to be re-named Macy's to the horror of all Chicagoans) to grab some lunch.

I took The Girls home while The WIfe went off for some more errands, and we got home just in time for me to discover that my BEARS had kicked butt on another NFC North competitor (the Vikings) 28-3, so I have that tape (yeah, I was "missing" the game in real time, but did have the VCR running) to look forward to. While they may only be 2-3 over-all, they're 2-0 in the division, and have a very good shot at making the playoffs ... or so I keep telling myself to try to take away some of the horror from the "baseball situation"!

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