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An out-of-synch day ...

I woke up (after only 3 hours of lay-down sleep) with a big question mark in front of me today ... I'd been gearing up for last week's big "drop stuff off at the schools" project for so long that I was sort of at a loss at the "what's next?" project. While I do have several promo things in the works, none of them really demanded my attention today, and I was feeling a bit "at sea", so I figured some heavy lifting would be a good idea.

Our house has not quite "recovered" from the influx of stuff from my Mom's place, and the shuffling caused by the window replacement project a couple of months back, so I decided to address some issues from that. Now, last night I tried to watch the Bears-Vikings game I'd taped, but only made it half-way through before I nodded off in the "reading chair", while I did get up and do some stuff here in the office in the "wee small hours", I ended up with only the vaguest impression of the second half. So, anyway, The Wife was taking both of The Girls in this morning, so I rewound the tape, popped it in the machine in the kitchen, and started in on the Dining room. One of the "changes" that bringing over my Mom's furniture has made is that we're having to switch the orientation of the dining room from N-S to E-W, so digging out the table (which has both my older system ... waiting to have the final-final touches done on the windows in my office for the thing it will end up on to get re-installed ... and my laptop set up on it) and moving some boxes and toy chests which had been "parked" there was the first order of business.

I was, fortunately, able to find "plausible" floorspace for both toy chests out in the living room, and went through the hassle of moving all the equipment off the table, moving the chairs, and dragging the table around to its new configuration, then adding back the chairs, and all the computer equipment. While I'm sure that everybody will be happier when the computers are back in my office, it looks a whole lot less chaotic out there, and the process took up pretty much the whole second half of the football game.

I then was going to address "the wall in question" in my office ... we've been waiting for over a month for them to come up and do the last "sealant" thing around the new windows, and they said that they'd prefer it if we painted first and then they could seal over the new paint. Well, I'd been putting that off (as I'm NOT going to be doing a full re-paint of my office), but I figured the next thing I could do was paint the edges where they'd done some plastering, etc. and at least get the color into the same ballpark as the rest of the room (although we've been doing a semi-gloss, so I've been only been wanting to do discrete "sections" where I'm not re-doing the whole room). Well, I got all my painting stuff together, and noticed that there were some "bubbles" where they'd plastered previously, knocking the bubbles with the putty knife I found that the peeling went right down to the cement, where there was a crack (the whole window project was to fix this sort of thing). I figured that this was NOT something that called for a little smear of Spackle, so I ended up calling the wall guy, who wanted to check with the office. An hour or so later, both the wall guy and one of the managers came up to check the wall ... they thought that this might have been due to plaster going on before the walls had completely dried, but they wanted to be sure, and sent up one of the engineers with a hydrometer (or whaterver it's called) which checks for water. Fortunately, despite the bubbling and cracks, the wall read perfectly dry, so they'll be able to come up and re-plaster soon, and then sand when that's dry, and then let me paint, and then seal the edges, and THEN I'll be able to move the window unit (on which my other computer systems have a cushy, yet occasionally active, retirement) back over there, and then I'll be able to bring back the various bits of computer equiment, file boxes, etc., which are currently in the dining room, guest bathroom, and stacked up on other furniture in the back bedroom!

One project that I'd previously sort of spaced on was moving one of the blinds from the back bedroom (which The Wife is wanting us to replace with the still-to-be-determined "something else") in here, as I lost my "sun shade" (it was a dark plastic that filtered out most of the light) when were were prepping things for the window replacement. I figure that since all the main window units are the same size (well, more or less, 98-102" on the outer edges), I should be able to use the mounting hardware from in the back to swap the old bedroom shades into here ... it won't be as nice as the clear-yet-dark shade, but it will keep me from having to fight the morning sun (which isn't currently a problem. as I have one of my bookcases, which should be on the wall next to the window, backing up to my desk like the oblisk from Space Odyssey 2001, an effectively blocking all rays).

Anyway, that's been my exciting day. Tomorrow I think I'll actually do some work on the Tutoring biz.

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