BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Oh, boy!

As those of you who were paying attention no doubt recall, I was having a very hard time coercing my new computer to talk to my POP3 mail servers (well, I still can't send mail, but at least I can read it), one of those problems based on my mushy memory and "iffy" notekeeping on what needs to be set how and what the damn ID and PW are given a 3-4 year gap between new computers. Well, I finally got ThunderBird reading most of my POP3 mail this past weekend, and after a few days of telling it what is and isn't "junk", I put on the auto-sort and it's remarkable! On my old mail reader I got about 95% junk mail that I really had to work on manually sorting through to find the "real" mail, now all that crap goes right into the "Junk" folder and I just walk through that every couple of days just to be sure that stuff that isn't junk doesn't get dumped when I delete it.

I'm sure that this is a "DUH!" to those of you who keep abreast of upgrades and stuff, but I am typically loathe to change systems until I have to, and upgrading from OutlookExpress'95 to the current version of ThunderBird was a huge leap for me!

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