BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Apocalyspe averted ...

OK, so it's not going to be the Cardinals vs. the White Sox in the World Series, the Ancient Enemy vs. the Crosstown Punks. It is, though, not an easy thing to root for Houston, especially since they've been in the Cubs' division the past several years, and, as often as not, have been the team against which the Cubs have been jockeying for position (recently, for that wild-card spot).

But ... Houston doesn't carry with it the historic hostility of St. Louis (and those sickening memories of Wrigley Field filled with Red-Shirted Boonies), and it certainly ain't the White Sox (whose fans should be "beneath contempt", but we can still manage plenty), so I guess all us true-blue Cubs fans will just have to bite the bullet and say "Go Astros!".

I just hope that Houston does to the Sox what the Red Sox did to the Cardinals last year ... sweep them without even looking like you're breaking a sweat.

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