BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

what a load of crap ...

Well ... I really hadn't expected getting time to write today, but thanks to the knee-jerk leftist pinko anti-everything-that-I-believe-in shit that was pretending to be a church service today, I got a chance to. I mean, I really LIKE our church, generally, but part of the problem with Unitarian Universalism is that there are a lot of "fruit and nuts" in the mix and sometimes those get the stage. Today it was our Interim (that the Gods she's not staying!) Minister, who has never met a Liberal Cause that she didn't like (hell, she hasn't met one that she hasn't thrown herself body-and-soul into) doing the blah-blah-blah ... "Western culture is so bad ... We're destroying this, we're destroying that" (no matter that ALL the things that she mentioned in the talk that I walked out on were based on VERY questionable science, TOTALLY "cooked" statistics, and completely LAME false arguemnts ... it was like Al Gore in drag!). This was your typical "Americans are bad ... we should all be living in dirt and squalor!" rant that you get from the crack-heads in the Socialist Workers Party ... hell, if I wanted to go play with the Sandinistas I know where to find 'em ... don't bring that CRAP into my Church, thank you very much!

Anyway, I was faced with the choice: "walk out or shout the bitch down?" ... I really wanted to do the latter (since that part was where she was talking to the KIDS ... and I don't want my Daughter getting that "Soviet Life" indoctrination!), but chose the former, much to the relief (I'm sure) of The Wife (who is a bit of a pinko herself), who was getting very nervous about my muttered commentary on the SWILL that the minister was spewing. It was a good thing that I left, too, since her SERMON would have had me throwing chairs (they have a mic on the minister, so you can hear what's going on in the meeting area outside the sanctuary ... so I cound hear that she was still ranting on three or four returns from outside).

I will never understand HOW people can buy into this liberal crap! Sure, the goddam news media is so infested with second and thrid hand Marxism that people just ASSUME that to be leftist is the "nice thing to do" ... but REALLY ... go buy a copy of Napoleon Hill and read what our system is SUPPOSED to be about ... read Ayn Rand and find out what should be required of an individual in our society ... hell, go read some Aleister Crowley to find out how to comport oneself beyond the bounds of society ... but SHAKE OFF THE LIBERAL/MUNDANE INDOCTRINATION, PEOPLE!!!

Man ... this shit gets me SO pissed off!

                    IN ALL THAT IS LEFT

                    so much stupidity
                    so much blindness
                    the people of the lie
                    forming cycles of deceit
                    delusions and deceptions
                    presented as the truth
                    supported by illusions
                    and steely determination

                    I can not take this
                    I can not stay
                    amid the lies
                    amid the delusion
                    my blood boils
                    my rage swells
                    I would strike out
                    I must escape

                    these idiots
                    would tear down
                    all things of worth
                    their blindness
                    their indoctrination
                    is a putrid festering
                    a vileness beneath
                    that placid visage

                    this mask of faith
                    that is nothing but
                    politics made soft
                    is as insidious
                    as it is insipid
                    they seek to change
                    what needs support
                    just to be active

                    no place have I
                    within this frame
                    again I find a refuge lacking
                    and must be alien, outcast
                    again the truth is plain to see
                    I must build the new
                    and tear down these facades
                    of delusion and deceit

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2001 by Brendan Tripp

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