BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

One more before sleep ...

OK, OK, youze guys are killin' me here ... the first few times I saw this quiz I was all "yeah, yeah, maybe next life", but over and over again I'm seein' it and BAM, yeah, I gotta take it ... see what you're doing to me, messing with my adrenals, or so I've been told ...

Oh, yeah, and the OCD made me re-fomat it all pretty-like ...

Hardback or Paperback?
          I read both ... I probably prefer hardback for longevity, but that doesn't matter when I'm reading.

Highlight or Underline?
          I very rarely mark up a "reading" book, but I'll do both to a "study" book.

Lewis or Tolkien?
          I read both Lewis as a kid and Tolkien as a teen ... probably wouldn't bother with either now.

E.B. White or A.A. Milne?
          Again, read both as a kid. Somehow Winnie The Pooh has dropped down my reading priority list over the past 40 years.

T.S. Eliot or E.E. cummings?
          Ah, well, you see ... there was this English Major that I completed, so I had both crammed into my head. I probably can quote more Eliot.

Stephen King or Dean Koontz?
          I don't believe I've actually read any of either. I'm at least aware of movies based on King's books, don't think I could name any Koontz.

Barnes & Noble or Borders?
          Heck, I'll drink coffee in either (we have a B&N just up the block), but buy mostly on Amazon.

Fantasy or Science Fiction?
          I really don't read either any more, but in my teen years I pretty much burned through a SciFi book a day.

Horror or Suspense?
          I don't have much use for either, I really have issues with "being manipluated" which is what both of these genres are all about.

Bookmark or Dog-ear?
          Bookmark ... people who fuck up the pages in books drive me nuts ... I'm trying to break my 9-year-old of the habit right now.

Alphabetize: By Author or By Title?
          Neither, I file by date read, which allows me to sort of "rewind" through the information flow.

Novella or Epic?
          Again, in my teens I read a lot of fiction, but it really doesn't make it into my reading mix at all these days.

Fiction or Non-fiction?
          Almost 100% non-fiction for the past 25-30 years.

Historical Biography or Historical Romance?
          Neither, although I read a goodly amount of history books, very few are biographies (and NO "romances").

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