BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Is it just me & my Netscape?

Hey, here is one of those "stupid question" posts ... but, aside from the obvious problems with Live Journal of late (the database being fucked and not letting anybody in), I have been getting "this program has performed an illegal operation" sorts of messages A LOT when using L.J. ... has something else changed?

These "Netscape crashes" have been sometimes happening as frequently as 3 an hour over the past few days ... and with NOTHING noticeably happening to cause them (I'll be in the middle of reading a post and BAM!). Being a "Netscape-only" kind of guy, I'm always paranoid that some evil MSIE proprietary code has gotten entrenched on sites I visit, making it virtually impossible to use Netscape. Anybody else been having this problem the past couple of days with L.J.?

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