BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

getting ready to roll ...

I still don't have my personal reality wrapped around the concept that we're going out of town this upcoming weekend, although much of my "assigned activity" over the past few days relates to that. I spent a chunk of time today getting set up with a rental car in Charlotte, NC and a series of map print-outs telling me how to get from there down to Hilton Head, SC (we were using frequent flyer miles for the tickets, and that was as close as we could get for the dates we needed to travel). One of The Wife's nephews is getting married next weekend, and we're all heading out for it. We're having to spring The Girls from school on both Friday and Monday, and they're pissing and moaning about missing Halloween (we're getting back that evening, but too late for our building's scheduled Trick or Treat time) ... they are bringing their costumes, just in case we can find some suitable activity down in their Aunt's neighborhood, but I suspect that's "wishful thinking".

I was quite relieved to see Wilma blow through Florida and head off towards the North Atlantic ... as having it be a slow-mover that then waltzed up the Eastern Seaboard would not have been nice for the wedding activities in Hilton Head!

I'm not really looking forward to two six-hour drives over the weekend (we get in about noon on Friday, and then fly back around 6pm on Monday, so I'll be driving 12-6pm on two of the four days we're gone), but I've never been to the Carolinas, and I guess we'll be getting to see quite a lot of them this way.

My Sister-In-Law has asked if I can photograph some of the wedding-related (not the wedding itself, of course) events, so I really need to get on the ball on getting my new digital camera set up and getting at least somewhat familiar with its functions! I pulled it out and set it on the dining room table last week, but still haven't gotten around to getting it out of its box and getting the memory chip in there. Maybe tomorrow ... although I also have a mailing that I need to get out ... what to do, what to do?

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