BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Oh, shit ...

I hate it when somebody's post is able to completely screw up my Friends view. Right now at the top of that page, where the most recent entry should be is a little snippet of code (</tbody></table>) which makes me think that somebody was pasting in a quiz, but it got screwed up. For some reason, the next three posts only take up half the screen, then there's one post which is all the way over to the left (wrapping around the user icon), then following that, the area where the icons are is a full half-screen, with the actual posts crammed off to the right.

Why don't people check their code? I'd guess that 25% of all those quiz things are "poorly coded" and need editing to get them in decent shape for LJ ... I know that as often as not the text disappears due to conflicting defaults on the tables and I have to go in and throw in a few <font> codes to fix it up.

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