BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

busy ...

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock ... I hear it in my head ... only X hours before we leave for the wedding, and SO MUCH STUFF TO GET DONE. I did break out the new camera yesterday and took some test shots ... I still need to figure out a few things on it (picture size, etc.), but it's pretty easy to use in the basic "auto" mode. I'm going to need to install the software on one of the machines so I can get the pics off of it ... but you know how much I hate doing that.

I also just got in a USB/Firewire external HD from Tiger Direct ... they had one of these last week with a 360gig HD, which sold out in hours, then came back with the same enclosure but a 300gig HD, and I jumped on it. I'm hoping to get that set up today as well. I'm thinking of partitioning that drive into ten 10gig drives (that I can then just "dump" the contents of previous systems' HDs into) and one 200gig "file" for storing photos. We'll see how that goes. My previous experience with trying to do that sort of stuff has been less than confidence buildng.

I'm off for Daughter #1's assembly this morning ... she's in the Chorus this year, and will be singing at it!

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