BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

One more before I go ...

Yeah, I know ... I have to get up in 4 hours and I'm still not done here. Hey, it's not 100% my fault ... I was trying to get the shit set up to be able to download pics from the new digital camera and I sort of "hit the wall" on that with my main system, so I started all over again with my laptop and finally got that working. I suspect that the reason that I didn't get it working on this one is that it's got a "voodoo" hook-up ritual, involving a specific setting on the camera and a specific order to what gets plugged in and turned on when. Bleh. This is "plug and play"? I do need to get some sleep, though, so I'm not nodding off on the six hour drive I have tomorrow once we get into Charlotte, NC!

Anyway ... I wanted to share this shot from the other day when I was playing with the camera. I've probably posted something similar before, but it's always a cool shot. This is sundown making long "fingers" of shadow out onto the lake, which look like their trying to grab the "crib" (the little dot in the center of the pic up by the horizon ... it's one of the intake heads for the city's water supply, they're pretty cool, sort of like lighthouses, but without towers, built up on pilings in the lake) out there. Wheee!

I am really not looking forward to this trip too much ... probably mostly due to the two six-hour drives I'm going to have to do over 4 days ... I mean, it will be nice to see The Wife's family, but we have SO MANY events lined up, and they're wanting me to "shoot" most of them (with my new not-too-familiar-with camera), so I'm stressed about that!

Oh, well ... need sleep. Don't y'all post too much while I'm gone ... don't want to come home to 500 unread things on my Friends List!

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