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So, it was one of those "family days". We went off to see Chicken Little around noon to catch the matinee pricing (which is, frankly, only a $3 savings, but it feels better than shelling out "full price"). I think the Tribune hit the nail on the head with this one, it wasn't bad but it could have been a whole lot better. This was Disney's "toe in the water" on doing CG animations without Pixar involved, and it was a bit heavy-handed. Cultural references and movie homages to keep the adults involved were far less subtly thrown in (compared, say, to the Shrek movies), but still got notable laughs in the audience. The Wife also pointed out that it was odd that so much 70's shlock (like Gloria Gaynor's I Will Survive) got used in this, as opposed to Disney's habit in their recent "traditional" animations of bringing in big-name music talents to flog out a distinctive soundtrack. The casting of the voice talent seemed odd as well, with only Joan Cusak being high profile in the main group of characters (well, Garry Marshall as the dad, but what has he done in the past few decades?), and Don Knotts as a peripheral character. Some were just odd, like having Patrick Stewart voice a totally pointless character ... did they re-write that into obscurity, thereby losing the "sci-fi" angle that the Pickard voice might have suggested? One fun, but hard to guess until the credits, voicing was the "Hollywood" version of Chicken Little, which was done by Adam West (of the classic TV Batman), almost perversely all the other voices from the "Hollywood" version (the movie being done about Chicken Little in the film) were done by tech people from the Disney studios, which has to be some odd sort of in-joke there. Again, it wasn't horrible, and some of the references to other movies were amusing, and it was blissfully short at 1:15, but I wouldn't say it's a "must see", but it's also not one to avoid if you're having to entertain small people.

After the movie got out we wandered over to Chili's (which seemed to be the only place we all could agree on, even though Daughter #2 was being pissy about everything) and I had enough time to eat before excusing myself to duck home for the start of the BEARS game at 3pm. Oh, and, yes, my BEARS won a closely-contested game against the Saints with a last-minute field goal (winning 20-17) to push their record up to a very respectable 5-3 at the half-way point of the season, and give them a 2-game lead over the Vikings (who beat the Lions today) in the pitiful NFC North division. Not bad for a team with a rookie quarterback and a rookie kicker (and that was picked by most prognosticators for a 4-12 record this year)!

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