BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

One of those days ...

Things were a bit screwed up today ... Daughter #2 had a cold bad enough to keep her home from Kindergarten, which then meant that The Wife and I were not going to be able to have lunch with the folks from Enterprise (sort of a pre-holiday "thank you" for all our rental business). So, after running a few errands with the car that The Wife had for a meeting last night, I dropped it back at Enterprise, re-scheduled with them for next week, came home, got a mailing ready to go out the door and then settled in to catch up on things here. Unfortunately, our DSL was being funky, and I was having the damnedest time trying to get any surfing done. Right about then, The Wife and #2 announced that they were going out to run some errands and pick up some lunch and I told them that I'd go with them (rather than throwing my chair through my monitor).

Well, having me in the mix changed the plans, as I pretty much refuse to pay what Subway charges for their anemic excuses for "sub sandwiches" (which is what The Wife was planning on getting), and I said I wanted to pop across the way to Ashkenaz Deli. Now, I'm sure you could find a deli like Ashkenaz every couple of blocks in Manhattan, but here it's a rare gem for that "authentic" deli experience.

I literally have dreams about their Pastrami ... which is flown in from NYC. I get it on black bread with hot mustard, horseradish, and sliced onions (yeah, I know, my breath could kill), along with a half pound of their awesome kidney bean salad (yeah, I know, my farts could kill). Daughter #2, as befitting her cold-infested condition, had Chicken Soup with noodles (you can also get matzoh balls or kreplach), while The Wife had a tuna salad sandwich. Real NYC Pastrami ... yummmmmm!

Anyway, after that The Wife was headed off for a couple of errands and I opted to make one more culinary stop, this time to Barnes & Nobel (well, the cafe there). Daughter #2, being a good read of "who has the better plan" opted to accompany Daddy rather than stand in a line at the bank with Mommy, so we ended up splitting a slice of the Cheesecake Factory's Pumpkin Cheesecake, which was delightful ... I'd been salivating over the big poster in the B&N Cafe's window for weeks and it was well worth the effort (if perhaps not the calories).

Oddly enough, we beat The Wife back here (she added a grocery stop to her plan), and I still wasn't getting anywhere on-line, so I rebooted the wireless pylon and sat down to watch some TV with #2 ... by the time The Wife re-surfaced, I was good to go for the Internet, and here I am.

Lucky you, eh?

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