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Well, they scared me today ... we lost three fumbles on kick returns ... but my BEARS managed to over-come it and deny the 49rs a touchdown (and one of those fumbles gave them the ball on the 2 yard line!). It was insanely windy today (The Wife had ducked out earlier and had come back complaining of it), so there were a lot of "freak plays", including our touchdown at the end of the first half which was a missed field goal run back 108 yards (an NFL record).

The only thing that would have been better (well, except for having our #1 draft pick not getting injured), would have been the Giants forcing their game against the Vikings into overtime ... they had an impressive drive in the last few minutes of the game to score and get a tying 2-point conversion, but left too much time on the clock, allowing the Vikings to march down the field and win it with a last-second fieldgoal. The BEARS are still two games up on the Vikings, but it would have been nice to have been able to open that lead up a bit more.

Oh, well ... we're 6-3 at this point, which ain't bad!

Wow ... I hear that the 108-yard run-back was the longest PLAY in NFL history! They count those run-backs from where they start in the end-zone, and the previous longest started 7 yards deep (out of 10) and this started 8 yards deep, so this may stand for quite a while.

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