BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

A brilliant piece ...

Yeah, I know there will be some of you with your panties in a knot over this one ... but it is a brilliant look at how the Leftists have become a dangerous "fifth column" in America, in league with the Islamofascists, due to a twisted psychology that would rather excuse barbarism than permit their own political disadvantage. It also has a very good break-down of how these folks can simultaneously hold that Bush is an "evil genius" with amazing super-powers (able to steer hurricanes to kill black people!), and a monkey-like moron incapable of even common discourse.

Dr. Sanity: Let's Discuss Bush Derangement Syndrome Again

This was in somebody's journal on my Friends List over the past few days ... but I forget who I owe the hat-tip to for bringing it to my attention. It is, however, so "to the point" that I felt I needed to pass it along!

Again, if you happen to be of the "leftist" bent, you might want to not click on this, as it will only screw with your blood pressure.

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