BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

OK ... so, here's that OTHER piece ...

I can't believe that I'm putting up a "DailyKos" piece ... I feel so tainted!

However, the following snippet will let you know why I'm pointing you to it:
"They're Not Pretending. They REALLY Do Believe ... Egads! Holy Shit! You suddenly feel a little bit lonely at age sixteen as you come to realize that you may surrounded by fully grown adults who are delusional incompetents that cannot distinguish fiction from fact and are enthralled by some kind of massive group hysteria! They're most of them all like that! And they all think you're nuts for not buying into their delusion! What the hell is wrong with these fucking people, can't they see how crazy this shit is?"
A hat-tip to the folks over at antitheism for bringing this to my attention! Afterall, "How do you explain Rudolph's glowing red nose?"

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