BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Car colors (or lack thereof) ...

As I probably have mentioned previously, we end up renting quite a lot of cars for the Tutoring biz, as The Wife has to run off to meet with new clients at their homes, which can be all over the city. We pretty much get whatever the local Enterprise has handy (on a corporate rate account), and so we end up seeing everything from sub-compacts to pickup trucks. One thing I've noticed is that the car companies have gotten quite creative in their color names. For instance, one would think that a "black" car would be called "black" on the space where the color goes on the key fob ... nooooooo! Today the Ford SUV was "Abyss" and we previously had a "Vader" car ... both of which I would have guessed to have been, uh, "black". I mean, sure, if you've got a car that's some intermediate tone between grey and tan, go ahead and call it "Oatmeal", but I bet Henry Ford is spinning in his grave over the concept of an "Abyss" Model-T ("you can get it in any color, just as long as it's black")!

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