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Eh ... just getting caught up on some of the stuff in my notebook. This would be so much easier if I still wrote on the computer. I can't tell you how difficult translating my scrawl is ... maybe one of these days I'll scan the pages and you'll see what I mean ... I can usually read what I wrote right after I wrote it, but let it sit a few days, and it's just squiggles (sigh) ... I guess this means that I'm now editing my poems.

                    THE POINT OF FOUL DESCENT

                    the structure of delusion
                    and matrix of deceit
                    we peel back layers
                    but each new form
                    is as artificial as before
                    where is the real face
                    behind the facade
                    the truth in the visage?

                    we are broken
                    and unwhole
                    we are fractured
                    into useless shards
                    piled as refuse
                    in the ruins of our life
                    the hollow emptiness
                    of a destroyed world

                    we are left
                    with the faintest dreams
                    the most pitiful scraps
                    of what was will
                    and raw desire
                    these drive us not
                    but keeps us locked
                    into the deepest rut

                    so much toil
                    fills these days
                    so much striving
                    but for what?
                    all our acts
                    are pointless
                    all our trials
                    build naught

                    future visions
                    have the nightmare taint
                    we see chaos
                    madness and pain
                    is there nothing
                    in this world
                    which can be had
                    without our demise?

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2001 by Brendan Tripp

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