BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

More on SONY ...

Hat-tip to windswept for the link ... this is pretty simple, just a list of what CDs the "rootkit" trojan came with!

Naughty, SONY ... nobody likes you anymore! Just about the only thing you could do at this point to really redeem yourself is to cut the price of CDs across the board ... you know, like down to "around $10" like they were supposed to be "once the plants got built" just a few years after CDs were introduced way back when!

P.S.: It will be very interesting to see what SONY does with all the CDs involved in the recall ... will they destroy them, or will they simply "dump" them onto the aftermarket? This list will be helpful to keep on hand if shopping with folks like eBay's JayAndMarie to make sure you're not getting a nasty surprise along with your music!

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