BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Here we go again ...

OK, so while The Girls were at Dojo, I ducked out to see if I could find some decent cheap 3-ring binders between the two dollar stores and the Wallgreens up there. While I did succeed in that (I just wish I had a need for "view" binders, as they had name-brand ones that would typically run $5 a pop over at Deals!), I got blind-sided by Xmas ... hard.

Now, as long-time readers of this space may recall, I am, almost inexplicably "Grinch-like" in my reactions to Xmas. I absolutely hate it, and have for years. Now, some of this might be "theological" ("oh, look, it's DELUSIONFEST!"), but my antipathy for it goes farther than that. As I've mentioned on occasion, I really hate being manipulated, and the financial expenditure expectations around Xmas are insane. Even in years where we didn't know how the phone bill was going to get paid, there HAD to be lots of presents. I wish we could put a dollar limit on what we were going to spend and keep it at that ... screw this "oh, I'd better add this too or so-and-so will feel slighted" ... let alone the "required" presents to people I'd rather not even speak to, let alone do something nice for.

So, since my "holiday spirit" has shown up early with all the crap that's out there to buy ... here's my annual suggestion for YOUR purchasing pleasure!

I have a nice big grey sweatshirt with this design front-and-back, and I can't tell you the joy it gives me when the mindless shopping hordes (who are literally bussed in) that descend on our extended neighborhood this time of year figure out the sentiments being delivered.

The Grinch-like fun could be yours too, in just a few simple clicks! You know you want it!

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