BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

Oh, look ... a QUIZ!

This one snagged from ghostofzuul's journal ... it purports to be an "Ink Blot Personality Test", but the "results" are pretty silly (oh, except for the part that said that my personality type is "World Leader", of course!).

According to experts, my personality type is :
World Leader
Ink Blot Personality TestOther people like me display these traits.
  • They drive a honda
  • They are gas station attendents
  • They can't spell
  • They like jelly filled doughnuts
  • Take the Ink Blot Personality Quiz at

    Now, I've only seen two results, but they both say those sorts of people "like jelly filled doughnuts" ... perhaps the writers of this particular quiz have a "thing" for jelly donuts? I, personally, prefer custard-filled donuts to jelly, but that's just me.

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