BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

I got a lot of posts to make ...

But I first wanted to note that my BEARS, who had been not expected to be very good this year, and who had been dismissed in their recent five (now six) game winning streak as "not having played any good teams", took it to the very good Carolina Panthers, who had also been on a six-game winning streak, and who had been scoring 30 points a game, and shut them down, winning 13-3 (and, once again, not allowing a TD).

Now, I was Out With The Family today (good Daddy!) rather than watching The Game (well, we got in just in time for me to see the Panthers score that lone field goal about mid-way through the 4th quarter), so I will have to leave the in-depth gloating until after I watch the videotape, but for a team that most folks picked to go 6-10 to be 7-3 (and, depending on what happens in the Seattle game, possibly tied for the best record in the NFC) after 10 games, ain't bad. GO BEARS!!!

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